This Thing of Ours:

My name is not important at this time all you need to know is that I am the creator of the Memory Enforcer. I came up with this concept because of all the fascination of my former mobbed-up world plus the realization that everyone, and I do mean everyone, forgets. My life was about the streets and I lived by a code of discipline where my commitment and my word was NEVA broken. When my job was to deliver a message I made sure it was heard loud and clear. But one of the main messages that I engrained in your brain was what to say especially if the law came around asking questions about the ‘family’! Plain and simple we live in a world that many choose to forget or just don’t recall, I made sure that they NEVA forgot about it. And that’s how I came up with the Memory Enforcer! Your own table-top, mobbed up messenger. Click the Picture and watch how it works.

Neva Forget Bout It:

There will always be a time you want to send a message to thank someone, to show them you love them, or just a message to say how you feel or remind them to do something. The greatest part about the Memory Enforcer is that you can place it anywhere in your home, office, dorm room or school, and when the person walks by the hi-tec motion detector activates the voice recorder and sends them a pre-recorded message left by yous! But before yous hear your voice the Memory Enforcer gets their attention with a direct mobbed-up opening line. To make it even more unique you can record message after message after message on this durable plastic, state of the art, mobbed up tabletop reminder. The Memory Enforcer remembers what they forget! Click here to order now for the low price of $14.95 (usually $19.95) plus shipping and handling.

All Yous Will Want One:

Think about it! How many of yous forget special days, events, dates or just things to do? Yous forget birthdays, anniversaries, parties, weddings, retirements and even graduations. Yous forget deadlines, contracts, follow up calls, doctor/dentist appointments or just everyday things like picking up the cleaners, items at the supermarket or getting the car washed. Or maybe a fond farewell for those chooches that plan to get married and leave the good life, send them a message via the Memory Enforcer! Let’s not leave out those forgetful kids who don’t clean their rooms or do there chores! And students at school who forget about tests, midterms, final exams, homework and research papers. That’s the time to call out the Memory Enforcer to make them that offer the will NEVA forget. Click here to order now for the low price of $14.95 (usually $19.95).

At A Loss For Words:

Some times people are at a loss for words. If so use some of mine when you record you message on the Memory Enforcer: “Yo Joey clean your room or you will end up sleeping with the fishes.” “Hey Anthony take out the garbage or you will end up in the dumpster like Nicky From Newark.” Hey what can I say I have a way with words! So order the Memory Enforcer now and get your own personal, mobbed-up tabletop reminder for the discounted price of $14.95 (usually $19.95). Click here to order.